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The HDM2-PROWALL-T4K 4 screen HDMI UHD 4K@60 4:4:4 video wall processor is the first videowall processor to input a TRUE 4K@60 source and output onto a 4 HD Screens. Processing the signal pixel to pixel with a vivid, clear and crisp picture without resolution loss. This unit can be used as a dedicated 2×2 videowall at UHD 4K@60 or 1080p with rotation, different preset or custom layouts.


Bonus feature this unit can support cascading through software to allow using multiple units to create a larger videowall 3×3 with stunning clarity using the same UHD 4K@60 input for displaying content on your flat panel displays or projectors. Bundled with its own control software the user can simply configure different layouts for any solution such as 1×1, 1×3, 1×4, 2×2 and mosiac. The HDM2-PROWALL-T4K can accept both DVI/HDMI source inputs/outputs, made with the embedded scaler that converts signals from either DVI/HDMI source to match the native resolution of monitors, flat panel displays, projectors connected to the 4 outputs connectors. Each output resolution can be selected fpr each display, also settings up to FULL HD 1080p and PC resolutions WUXGA (1920×1200). Recommended applications include retail digital signage, commercial applications and broadcasting/education/surveillance systems etc.


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