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Drive up to four Full HD displays from a single video signal—of up to 4Kp60 and 8Kx8K—at full RGB 8:8:8 and YUV 4:4:4 color support. The system-independent Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Series appliance is designed to power any video wall configuration of any possible dimension, from any video source—reliably delivering flawless image quality across expansive video wall displays. QuadHead2Go’s on-device buttons and pre-set configurations ensure an out-of-the-box, trouble-free installation experience. 

Matrox QuadHead2Go Q185

  • Product

    Video Input

    Number of channels: 1

    Formats: Display Port

    Video Output

    Number of channels: 4

    Formats: HDMI

    Network Connector 1x RJ45
    Multi-unit Support Yes
    Memory 1GB


    Video Input Resolutions 3840x2160 @60Hz
    3840x2160 @30Hz
    7680x1080 @60Hz
    7680x1080 @30Hz
    1920x4320 @60Hz
    1920x4320 @30Hz
    Video Output Resolutions

    1920x1080 @60Hz 
    1920x1080 @30Hz
    1920x1200 @60Hz 
    1920x1200 @30Hz

    Color Space and Chroma Sub-Sampling

    RGB: 8:8:8 (24 bits per pixel)
    YUV: 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0 (8 bits per component)

    RGB: 8:8:8 (24 bits per pixel)


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