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  • VisionSC-DP2
  • Two independent DisplayPort1.2 capture channels
  • Eight lane PCIe Gen.3 interface, Net 6.4 GB/s total capture bandwidth
  • Frame buffer memory - 768 MB
  • HDCP support with Datapath graphics cards
  • Up to 8k x 8k capture resolution*
  • Single PCIe endpoint, allowing for more cards and captures to be placed with a single system
  • Datapath unified Windows® and Linux® driver support


Specification of the VisionSC-DP2 Capture Card:

  • Board Format PCI Express x8 plug-in card Connectors Locking Dual DisplayPort 1.2 (l x h) Maximum capture resolution 616 MPixel/ second capture bandwidth per channel.
  • Captures up to 4096 x 2160p @ 60Hz per input Dimensions 110mm a 177mm Frame buffer memory 768MB Input mode detection
  • Decodes Main Stream Attribute (MSA) data to determine video geometry Pixel transfer formats RGB: 5-5-5, 5-6-5 (16 bit) or 8-8-8 (24 bit) or 8-8-8-alpha (32 bit), YUV: 4:2:2 (16bit), MONO: 8bit Update rate User defined.
  • Captured frame rate will match the source providing max data rate (6.4G/Bs) is not exceeded Multi-buffered to eliminate tearing artifacts Pixel capture format RGB with 18, 24 per pixel HDCP HDCP support when used with Datapath graphics cards Operating system support Up to Windows 10® Power Requirements HDCP Max current at +12V - 1.0A,
  • Max power ≈ 12W
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 35 °C/ 32 to 96 °F Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C/ -4 to 158 °F Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
  • Warranty 3 years

Vision SC-DP2

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